With constant work at the computer in it saved a huge amount of the most diverse information. And it happens automatically without the knowledge of the user. These data are needed by programs to perform their current tasks. Over time, such data becomes much, and some of them may contain confidential information, which, if released into third-party hands, may in one degree or another harm the user. To free up disk space and at the same time hide traces of work on your computer, use CCleaner.

The main task of the CCleaner utility is to delete unnecessary files from the hard disk, which frees up not only useful disk space, but also hides what the user did while using the PC. When installed, CCleaner allows you to install items to launch the program in the context menu of the Windows Recycle Bin, which is very convenient to use the tool of such subject. This allows you not to keep the program icon on the desktop or on the Quick Launch, taking away precious space that could be taken by another, no less important, but more used program.

The main problem of many automatic system cleaners is that they clean everything, including cookies (in which there are site settings and authorization information for them). But many of these files are responsible for authorization on sites that you use daily. Deleting such cookies will require additional efforts from you in order to log in again on these sites.

The authors of the program have provided a special intelligent search mode for important cookies, which are proposed to be launched during the installation of the program. When launching this mode, the program finds the cookies of the most popular sites and places them in the list of exceptions so that the program will skip them when scanning. Thus, all your authorizations on popular sites will be safe, you do not have to re-enter your username and password.

The list of important and non-deleting cookies can also be adjusted by yourself, but in the program settings. This is necessary if the intelligent search does not detect the cookies of those sites that you frequently visit. Therefore, immediately after installing the program, it is worth going to the settings and checking the list of exceptions, adding to it if necessary.
CCleaner can delete the data of many popular programs, most browsers know and which of them stores their data in which places. The stunningly fast scanning engine allows you to find all this information in just a few seconds. This speed is achieved by iterating through the pre-programmed areas on the disk and in the registry. In other words, the program does not scan all disks, it searches for specific files in specific folders on the disk and in the system registry. On the one hand, it is very convenient and very fast, because the program does not waste time scanning the entire disk and the entire registry. On the other hand, developers need to make additional efforts to support new versions of programs, the slightest changes in the work of which may affect the correctness of the work of CCleaner. That is why the program comes out often enough and each of its new release is accompanied by the support of a particular program.

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