Comodo System Utilities

Comodo System Utilities is a program for deleting files, duplicates, cleaning the registry, removing traces of being on the Internet, and the like. In the course of operation, a lot of garbage accumulates in the system. So, after removing applications using a standard Windows program, entries remain in the registry and unnecessary files on the system disk. In addition, there are all sorts of temporary files, doubles, etc. All this can lead to failures and slow down the speed of the system. Therefore, programs for deleting files, registry cleaners such as CCleaner, Ashampoo WinOptimizer Free and others are now very popular. But in most free versions of the cleaner software, only copies of registry entries are backed up. And newbies are afraid to remove something useful. In Comodo System Utilities there is a function to save everything that the program offers to delete. And the aforementioned concerns can be left in the past. It is worth considering the functions and capabilities of the program in more detail. The “Disk Cleanup” module is the removal of unnecessary files, such as temporary files, duplicates, unused archives, etc. The Registry Cleanup module is a cleanup feature for broken or unused entries to improve the performance and stability of the operating system. The module “Cleaning personal data” performs the function of deleting the history of visits to web resources and other traces of being on the Internet. The module “Forced deletion” is the movement or deletion of registry entries and files, when trying to conduct operations on which a message appears about their use by another program, etc. There is also a module “Permanently delete”, which performs the function of repeatedly rewriting the contents of files in order to exclude the possibility of its subsequent restoration.

Also, the user of this program can speed up Windows by eliminating unnecessary debris and registry errors. For those users who often use the computer and the Internet, it is possible to configure the cleaning of the system on a schedule. Thus, the program will independently clean the computer from unnecessary files on certain days. Using proprietary technology SafeDelete allows you to remove more debris without the risk of losing important files. Therefore, it is important to know the values ​​of the points that can be activated. For example, creating a backup file before cleaning. This item is desirable to activate. Copies of all files to be deleted will be created. If after deleting files, Windows does not boot, then all deleted files in the “Safe Delete” mode will be automatically restored and the system will be restarted. If you use the “Safe Delete”, then when you restart the user is given the opportunity to recover deleted or finish the deletion. The developer recommends to activate this item.

There is also a logging feature. After activating at least two or three points, do not forget to click “Apply”. By setting up a backup for each of the first three modules separately, you can safely go to the “Clear” tab, which offers several levels of cleaning, each of which can be configured on a schedule.
Comodo System Utilities is a noteworthy program for deleting files and cleaning the registry. With it, the cleaning process can be made deeper and safer, and the operation of the system more stable and faster.

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