EasyCleaner is a great program for finding and removing unwanted entries in the Windows registry.

Easy Cleaner is a free program with a huge number of functions, created for the care of Windows. The most essential tools of EasyCleaner are: the autorun editor, the Windows registry cleaner and a graphical utility that checks the free space on the hard drive. These features help keep the computer in top condition; cleaning the computer from piles of unnecessary files, you prolong his life for many years to come.

It is worth mentioning about some of the functions of the program to uninstall unnecessary, duplicate and temporary files; browser history (in some versions of the program, only Internet Explorer is supported, but newer versions are already ready to work with other browsers) and broken shortcuts. EasyCleaner is easily configured to work only with certain types of files, or only in a certain place, and the state recovery system makes it possible to fix possible erroneous deletions of registry entries.

EasyCleaner has many features to keep your operating system running. The number of the most useful tools EasyCleaner includes not only the Windows registry cleaner, autorun editor and a graphical utility to check the free space on hard drives, but also many other useful functions that will make working at the computer more convenient.

Many popular programs offer their users a set of functions that are not always needed, but make the program itself more difficult and cumbersome. The EasyCleaner program is different in that it provides its users with only those functions that will be needed when working with a computer. Among these characteristics it is difficult to select the most useful and convenient ones, since all of them will help you more than once when working with a computer. This program not only removes duplicate files, searches for all unnecessary files, such as backup copies, temporary files and other unnecessary files, but also searches for all invalid links, can edit the list of programs launched along with Windows, and also uninstalls temporary files, history and cookies web browsers. Other options are also available to users, such as finding invalid registry entries and monitoring the list of installed software. All these functions are required when working with a computer, especially if you are an experienced PC user. Also, this program displays some interesting information about the hard drives of the computer, which is also quite a useful feature. EasyCleaner can be a great helper not only for experienced users, but also for those who are not yet familiar with all the functions of a computer. Thanks to a simple interface and a huge number of available languages, this program will be able to customize even a child.

EasyCleaner is a multifunctional free program for the care of the operating system. Already thousands of PC users have appreciated the benefits of this program and use the full range of functions every day. With this program you can speed up your computer, clean it from unnecessary files and extend its life.

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