Reg Organizer

Preventive work with the Windows registry is no less important than regular health checks of the hard disk and system protection against malicious viruses. Surely any user after a long period of computer operation noticed that with time the speed of the system’s response to its actions noticeably decreases. This is because the registry accumulates a lot of unnecessary information. To get rid of the registry garbage and help Reg Organizer program ChemTable Software.

This program is primarily available editing mode. This mode is analogous to the regedit system editor. Editing the registry in this mode is not significantly different from the system variant (the same key tree and the list of parameters), except for the possibility of adding comments for each registry key. Also available is a “manual cleaning” function. Manual cleaning provides the user the ability to independently delete registry links. The “Uninstall” tab contains information about the programs that are mentioned in the “Add or Remove Programs” section of the control panel. From here you can uninstall the program or simply delete the mention of it (for example, if the program was manually removed). As for the tab “Startup”, here the user will find information about the programs that run after the system starts. In addition to the fact that these programs can be removed from startup, you can also add new ones here or temporarily disable favorites. Also in this program there is a special folder in which information is collected about all types of files registered in the system. For each type of file, you can get a list of all the keys related to it, delete your favorites, or all of them. If “No data” is indicated in the column “Description of file types”, then this type of file is no longer needed by the system and can be deleted.

As for the system folders tab, all system folders registered for the current user are listed here, such as “Startup”, “Desktop”, “Programs” and others. You cannot delete links to these folders. But they can be changed. Here you can customize the templates, in accordance with which the system creates system folders of users.

Shared libraries are a list of all registered dynamic libraries (DLL files) with the number of programs using them. If the status of the current file is set to “Does not exist”, then the link to this file can be deleted.

Also, this program provides the ability to control the cache ARP. This folder contains additional information for the “Add or Remove Programs” section of the control panel. Here you can find data such as the path to the executable file, its size and the date it was last used. Similar to the previous section, using the information in the “Status” column, you can see broken links to files and delete them.

All of this is just a small list of the main functions of the Reg Organizer program, but each of these functions perfectly performs its main task. With a convenient combination of simple interface and professional functionality, this utility has become an indispensable tool for thousands of experienced PC users.

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